2005 Yamaha G-Max 4-Stroke Gas

G-Max 4-Stroke Gas
At Yamaha, we believe you deserve the best, that’s why we design our golf cars to deliver a level of luxury, quality and performance that no other car can match. From its bold, yet elegant exterior, to its impressive 11.4 horsepower engine, the G-MAX raises the bar on performance, without sacrificing comfort. As impressive as that sounds, the G-MAX also has an equally impressive list of standard features, more than any other golf car. The G-MAX is quick to distance itself from the competition. With details like precision engineered components and high quality materials, it’s obvious that the G-MAX is designed to go wherever golf takes it. One place we designed it not to go is the repair shop. In fact, our cars have the lowest maintenance task and maintenance cost ratings of any golf car. Top it all off with the most comprehensive warranty and the industry's best parts and service support, and you'll be assured that the G-MAX will not only get you there, it will get you there in style.