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Scag Power Equipment

Powersports HQ is proud to offer Scag Power Equipment in our lineup of incredible brands. Work with affordable, powerful mowers from the leading manufacturer of commercial and residential outdoor power equipment. With Scag’s full line of mowers and cutting accessories, you now have the power to have a high-quality cut every time.

Contact us online or give us a call at (217) 345-5554 with any questions you may have, or stop in the store today to see them for yourself. Our one-stop-shop dealership is located in Charleston, IL – just 30 miles SE of Decatur. Life is short, go full throttle!

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Why Choose Scag?

Every mower that Scag offers is built with productivity in mind. The special baffling, airflow and ultra-high blade tip speeds get the grass cut and discharged out of the deck in a hurry. Engines with high horsepower and torque ratings keep everything up to speed, even in heavy conditions. High output hydraulic systems enable the mowers to cover a lot of ground quickly, getting the job done faster. And comfort items such as high back adjustable seats, large foot plates, steering control dampers, and EZ-Grip hand controls keep fatigue to a minimum, ensuring that the operator is able to perform safely and at their best, all day long.